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Specialty Coffee

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, we present the finest of specialty coffee varietal from the finest specialty coffee auction. We present to the Arab connoisseur a new experience in coffee with our diligent research, testing and selection of the best specialty beans roasted locally

Hot Air Roasting

Hot Air Roasting

We use our In-house developed hot air fluid bed roasting technology with instrumented control to bring the best out of our fine specialty coffee beans.

Our commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality

Our coffee will change your view of what coffee should be compared the the local coffee market.


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  • Exit 13 Espresso!

    Exit 13 Espresso!

    Excl. Tax: SAR75.00 Incl. Tax: SAR86.25

    The ultimate stress-relief, with a honey sweet, syrupy, rich and fragrant espresso blend!

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  • Brewista Kettle Black 1.2L

    Brewista Kettle Black 1.2L

    Excl. Tax: SAR490.48 Incl. Tax: SAR564.05

    The all-new Brewista SmartPour Brew Kettle is the next generation kettle you have been waiting for.

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  • Saint Anthony F70 Perfect Paper Filters

    Saint Anthony F70 Perfect Paper Filters

    Excl. Tax: SAR40.00 Incl. Tax: SAR46.00

    Fits F70 and Kalita 185 brewers.

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  • Chemex Duble Walled Mug

    Chemex Duble Walled Mug

    Excl. Tax: SAR95.00 Incl. Tax: SAR109.25

    Hand made dual wall borosilicate glass snifter cup. Its hourglass shape helps trap aromas adding to the tasting experience.

    Great for coffee or Tea.

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  • India Sails Espresso Blend

    India Sails Espresso Blend

    Excl. Tax: SAR68.00 Incl. Tax: SAR78.20

    This is a fully eastern blend from India, Indonesia and Ethiopia. The main ingredient is ِArabica Monsooned Malabar AA, and the monsoon process gave us the idea of the name, as it is a frequent route for merchants and it was on these boats that the idea of monsoon process was discovered.

    The is a very rich, creamy and velvety dark roast espresso, with mellow and sweet character.

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  • Elida Natural Lot #6

    Elida Natural Lot #6

    Excl. Tax: SAR85.00 Incl. Tax: SAR97.75

    Elida Natural Micro Lot #6. A highly regarded, dry processed bean from Panama, a pure Catuai varietal from the Elida Estate by the Lamastus family. A frequent appearance in Barista competitions. We present it as a medium roast, and bring out the fruit intensity with moderate acidity. You will very likely think figs and a very sweet and balanced cup with notes of Guava, Mango and Apricot with milk chocolate. 2020 harvest.

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  • Cafetto Grinder Clean 450g

    Cafetto Grinder Clean 450g

    Excl. Tax: SAR114.00 Incl. Tax: SAR131.10

    Cafetto Grinder Clean 450g

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  • La Marzocco  LEVA X 1Group

    La Marzocco LEVA X 1Group

    Excl. Tax: SAR48,000.00 Incl. Tax: SAR55,200.00

    Leva X, the base model, with a single brew boiler and mechanical steam valves, features

    groundbreaking design and technology in a reliable, user friendly machine.

    The innovative design reduces the force required to operate the machine by almost 50%

    compared to a traditional lever machine, while also introducing a safety clutch system.

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  • Elida 6 Microlot Blond

    Elida 6 Microlot Blond

    Excl. Tax: SAR85.00 Incl. Tax: SAR97.75

    This is microlot #6 from Elida farm in Panama. A Naturally processed coffee, roasted in the Saudi style of blond coffee. This roast style preserves a lot of the sweetness of the coffee and introduces layers of taste not present in black coffee. This coffee is very sweet, aromatic with notes of nuts, spices and sesame halwa and dried fruit. 2020 harvest.

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  • Ethiopia Aricha Natural

    Ethiopia Aricha Natural

    Excl. Tax: SAR75.00 Incl. Tax: SAR86.25

    This is a dry-processed, fragrant coffee from indigenous hairloom varietal grown at 2000 meters in the Kebel Aricha region in the Gedeo Zone of the Yirgacheffe district. This coffee brings out layers of floral notes of roses and Jasmine and some sweet sugar alike hints of Red fruits and pineapple with a medium juicy mouth feeling, This a unique and complex coffee that will reveal one layer after another as it cools.

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  • Saint Anthony C70 Dripper

    Saint Anthony C70 Dripper

    Excl. Tax: SAR135.00 Incl. Tax: SAR155.25

    The C70 is Saint Anthony Industries design progression of the standard ceramic pourover we have always enjoyed. Complete with the utilitarian performance of ceramic and now with the benefits of our proprietary 70° shape and Perfect Paper Filters.

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    Excl. Tax: SAR371.43 Incl. Tax: SAR427.14

    Cafflano Krinder Effortless grinding Its compact size and ergonomic design make it easier to grind any type of beans.

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