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Specialty Coffee

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, we present the finest of specialty coffee varietal from the finest specialty coffee auction. We present to the Arab connoisseur a new experience in coffee with our diligent research, testing and selection of the best specialty beans roasted locally

Hot Air Roasting

Hot Air Roasting

We use our In-house developed hot air fluid bed roasting technology with instrumented control to bring the best out of our fine specialty coffee beans.

Our commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality

Our coffee will change your view of what coffee should be compared the the local coffee market.


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    • Compak E5 OD
      Out of stock

      Compak E5 OD

      Excl. Tax: SAR4,150.00 Incl. Tax: SAR4,357.50

      "Parallel System" grind regulator lock 1 or 2 On-Demand ground coffees Touch control screen Motor with fan Three positions switch with by-pass Universal adjustable height porta filter holder

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    • Timemore Chestnut Grinder G1

      Timemore Chestnut Grinder G1

      Excl. Tax: SAR825.00 Incl. Tax: SAR866.25

      Chestnut grinder G1 is a Manual grinder original Timemore quality

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    • The Annual: Seoul Edition

      The Annual: Seoul Edition

      Excl. Tax: SAR150.00 Incl. Tax: SAR157.50

      "The biggest disappointment is now it’s never-ending. It’s growing and growing and growing." - Tim Wendelboe, Disappointed Co-founder. -- "Don't publish a book", they said. "No-one buys books", they said. Well, we just couldn't help ourselves. 2017 was such an epic year of AeroPress action and "hanging the fuck out"*, that we couldn't resist capturing the whole season and wedging it between two covers (again). The Annual: Seoul Edition is packed to the gills with over 400 pages of great stories, winning recipes, every regional and national event, a full listing of competition results, and photographs galore.

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    • Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper 02
      Out of stock

      Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper 02

      Excl. Tax: SAR65.00 Incl. Tax: SAR68.25

      Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper 02

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    • Timemore Tianmu Pourover Black Set

      Timemore Tianmu Pourover Black Set

      Excl. Tax: SAR655.00 Incl. Tax: SAR687.75

      Timemore Tianmu Pourover Ceramic Black Set : Define the coffee beauty by Oriental aesthetics. Tianmu is a pour over coffee set made with precision for coffee extraction. It combines traditional Chinese tea making porcelain in a modern, unique way for coffee brewing. This is a beautiful gift set in a huge black box that includes a ribbed filter holder, a cup, a server and a vessel to rest the filter on to drip after brewing, all in hand made porcelain.

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    • Cafflano Kompresso

      Cafflano Kompresso

      Excl. Tax: SAR285.00 Incl. Tax: SAR299.25

      We are delighted to bring you the all new Cafflano Kompresso, an innovative hand espresso maker. Kompresso delivers creamy rich espresso thanks to utilizing Pascal Law to achieve 9 bar pressure, and is made of durable materials that are safe to use with hot liquids.

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    • Kore Natural - Ethiopia

      Kore Natural - Ethiopia

      Excl. Tax: SAR75.00 Incl. Tax: SAR78.75

      This is a dry processed, fragrant, floral, sweet, balanced coffee from indigenous heirloom varietal grown at 2000 meters from family-owned farms organized around the Kore coffee mill located in the Kochere Zone of the Yirgacheffe district. We roast this bean to City Plus to bring out notes of rose water and orange peel with brown sugar sweetness, This a unique and complex coffee that will reveal one layer after another such as apricot, mango and strawberry as it cools.

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    • Timemore Fish Kettle 300ml
      Out of stock

      Timemore Fish Kettle 300ml

      Excl. Tax: SAR185.00 Incl. Tax: SAR194.25

      The Timemore fish kettle 300ml is made of stainless steel. Its unique design makes the water flow it pouring stable, precise and continuous.

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