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Specialty Coffee

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, we present the finest of specialty coffee varietal from the finest specialty coffee auction. We present to the Arab connoisseur a new experience in coffee with our diligent research, testing and selection of the best specialty beans roasted locally

Hot Air Roasting

Hot Air Roasting

We use our In-house developed hot air fluid bed roasting technology with instrumented control to bring the best out of our fine specialty coffee beans.

Our commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality

Our coffee will change your view of what coffee should be compared the the local coffee market.


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    • Hario V60 Starter Kit
      Out of stock

      Hario V60 Starter Kit

      Excl. Tax: SAR84.00 Incl. Tax: SAR88.20

      The Hario starter kit comes with a V60 Clear Dripper, 700ml glass server, 100 paper filters, and a measuring spoon

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    • Flair Espresso Maker

      Flair Espresso Maker

      Excl. Tax: SAR675.00 Incl. Tax: SAR708.75

      The unique design of the Flair makes it the best way to craft, by hand, a rich, full-bodied, professional quality espresso at home. It’s also portable, durable, easy to maintain, and a lot of fun to use. Comes complete, in a neat carrying case, making it easy to take it anywhere you go. Includes a polycarbonate tamper. We'll ship your order on the next business day.

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    • Porlex Mini Hand Grinder - New

      Porlex Mini Hand Grinder - New

      Excl. Tax: SAR250.00 Incl. Tax: SAR262.50

      • Made in Japan
      • New handle design for longer life
      • Stainless steel tube housing: 130mm tall and 49mm in diameter without handle
      • Hopper capacity of 26g whole bean
      • Ceramic conical burrs Locking nut for grind adjustment
      • Stainless steel handle approx. 6” long
      • Hopper lid
      • Instructions & packaging in Japanese - but with some great schematics!

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    • Bonavita Auto Tare Gram Scale USB

      Bonavita Auto Tare Gram Scale USB

      Excl. Tax: SAR315.00 Incl. Tax: SAR330.75

      For a precise pour-over, you need a scale that can think for you! The Bonavita Auto Tare Gram Scale USB offers precise measurements with automatic taring, for a consistent cup of coffee or pot of tea every time.

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    • Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper 02
      Out of stock

      Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper 02

      Excl. Tax: SAR65.00 Incl. Tax: SAR68.25

      Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper 02

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    • Side Spray Rinser - Large
      Out of stock

      Side Spray Rinser - Large

      Excl. Tax: SAR1,250.00 Incl. Tax: SAR1,312.50

      Rinser made of plastic and stainless steel with water supply connection and discharge connections. A beautiful addition next to the sink for utensils and tools and cups, the way it works is simple and smooth, pressure on water through the small holes on the top of the rinsing metal head will rinse your tools from any stuck remainings in seconds Example: Milk residue in milk Pithchers Dimensions: 645*218*25mm

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    • The Annual: Seoul Edition

      The Annual: Seoul Edition

      Excl. Tax: SAR150.00 Incl. Tax: SAR157.50

      "The biggest disappointment is now it’s never-ending. It’s growing and growing and growing." - Tim Wendelboe, Disappointed Co-founder. -- "Don't publish a book", they said. "No-one buys books", they said. Well, we just couldn't help ourselves. 2017 was such an epic year of AeroPress action and "hanging the fuck out"*, that we couldn't resist capturing the whole season and wedging it between two covers (again). The Annual: Seoul Edition is packed to the gills with over 400 pages of great stories, winning recipes, every regional and national event, a full listing of competition results, and photographs galore.

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    • Sette 270 Espresso Grinder

      Sette 270 Espresso Grinder

      Excl. Tax: SAR1,730.00 Incl. Tax: SAR1,816.50

      Sette 270 Espresso Grinder

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