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About Varietal Roastery 

We call ourselves Sulalat in Arabic, for the variety of Specialty coffee types we enjoy and roast. We consider ourselves home roasters and coffee aficionados, sharing our coffee with our friends and loved ones, We are based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, and while geographically close to the best sources of Specialty coffee in the world, none of the coffees available locally is Specialty grade. We are changing that!

Specialty Coffee, in the Arab world.

Our aim is to share the passion of Specialty coffee with the Arab world, with carefully selected, cupped, rated and properly stored green beans. We import our beans from known lots and auctions, where the beans are ethically and fairly traded. We roast our beans lightly to show the spectrum of characteristics each bean offers. Each coffee is carefully analysed to find the perfect roast profile, on our fluid bed roasters.

This is a long journey of passion and love of coffee. We would like you join us in this journey as we learn and improve with you, We love to have you as our cupping buddy. 

To all of you, from all of us at Sulalat Coffee - Thank you and Happy cupping!

Your Sulalat team